o w n

o w n coverThe three letters of ‘own’ must assemble into the community of a word before they can voice a sense of proprietorship and of self. It’s impossible to conceive of territoriality before individuals come close enough together to ask what is self and what is other: the line that defines a boundary also traces a most intimate contact. In “o w n,” three poetic works come together into the community of a book, to voice a sense of non-self, of intimate contact with, and indistinction from, non-others. We are The Nature. Read this book and become glass, become a line, become a room, become a glacial tongue.
– Sonnet L’Abbé

With an afterword by Sarah Dowling.

a rawlings, Heather Hermant and Chris Turnbull | ISBN 978-0-9879052-7-7 | 6 x 8 128 pp | $20

Chris Turnbull’s endless directions