Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies coverDeliberate and cold blooded was the murder committed yesterday afternoon, when the young life of Miss Ethel Kinrade, daughter of T. L. Kinrade, 105 Herkimer Street, was the victim of an assassin, be he sane or insane. It was a young life sacrificed for the wrong instincts which had been created in the mind of the murderer. It was a crime which is unparalleled. Miss Florence Kinrade, sister of the dead girl, and the only witness to the tragedy, gave the police a very good description of her sister’s assassin. The man is supposed to have left the house through a side window as soon as he had done the shooting. How he could have made his escape so successfully in the middle of the afternoon, in a thickly populated district and on a very much travelled street, is a feature which is puzzling the police.
— Hamilton Herald February 26, 1909

We are dealing with an extremely neurotic family who are linked together to support each other’s stories . . . No matter who committed the murder, Florence Kinrade is a moral imbecile, probably a defective personality, cunning, childish and impulsive.
— Dr. C.K. Clarke, notes taken March, 1909

Aug. 14. I am writing this on the high balcony of the Asylum at Hamilton (Ontario, Canada). The city is spread in full view before me. (Is there not an escaped patient? I see a great commotion – Dr. W. and several attendants, men and women, rushing down the cliff). – A dark, moist, lowering forenoon; balmy air though; wind southwest.
— Walt Whitman’s Diary in Canada, Boston, 1904

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