Billy Little

Billy Little (1943 – 2009) (from Little’s blog) born NYC 1943, US Army(“E-5″)60-63, SUNYAB 1967-1970, student of Creeley, Duncan, Barth, Fiedler, Clarke, Canada 1974, editor, Presence, Tens, Press of the Black Flag Raised, RAW, publisher, Black Owle Press, Prose and Verses Press, My Dukes broadsides, Dojo books, chapbooks include, Failure, The Blue Book, Palinode, Funny/Quel Marrant, Not Funny, Angel Baby, Island Fever. the mags i’ve published in are too numerous to list. I live on an island in the strait of georgia, eagles, salmon, heron and sea lions are an everyday . . . , i’ve got a beautiful son and three beautiful grandchildren, please don’t use spellcheck on my work, as Will Rogers said, ‘never trust a man who only knows how to spell a word one way.’ Took on the moniker Zonko 1971 as an early fan remarked,”your poems make me zonko” provoking the eureka response “my poems make ME Zonko”. the shadow nose the shadow rose the shadow stink

St. Ink: Selected Poems (2008)